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Who We Are

The Dynamo Ink Company

The Dynamo Ink Company was born from the idea that great designs and visuals shouldn’t be limited to large corporations with six-figure budgets.

We were different. We believed it. And our customers could see it.

We were audacious enough to never stopped dreaming. We believed in the aspiring clothing designer in Columbia, SC who open up her own ecommerce store.. We believed in the retired marine who finally had the courage to open his own mobile detailing business. And we believed in the retired couple who—on a whim—opened up a small, downtown storefront to sell red-velvet cupcakes and desserts.

We believed that our community was a better place when people were bold enough to chase their dreams.

We believed that life is better when you do what you love. And that it’s even better when you fall asleep at night—anxious to wake up and do it all over again.

That’s what motivates us. Connecting people with their dreams, giving their ideas wings, and flying alongside them.

Because we’ll be with you every step of the way.

The Dynamo Ink Company isn’t just a design studio. We’re not just a print shop. We’re founded on an idea that never gets old. A passion that never grows tired. And a mission that always has a next chapter.

It’s who we are

"Great designers never lose sight of the audience. And the audience should only see themselves in the design."

- chad thompson,
ceo of the dynamo ink company
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