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Expand Your Brand

When running your own business, competing priorities can get in the way of focusing on a very important task—visualizing your message.

We understand. We’ve all had to start somewhere. But let’s change that today. We can help deliver full-scale design packages to kick-start your business idea or give your stalled project the momentum it needs to reach the next level. From business cards to web sites to branded apparel, we’ll have you competing in no time. 

What are you waiting for? Click the link below and start improving your project.


Your Visuals Matter.

You don’t determine your brand. Your customers do.
But you can influence how they receive your message and convert into die-hard supporters of your products and mission. As social media continues to grow and drive content-based engagement, get ahead of the game and launch visual campaigns that can attract more customers and increase brand loyalty.


Designed by the Best.

Your brand is defined by the people who experience your products and services. So give them the best experience possible. We hand-design, hand-print, and ship each item from our Raleigh, NC shop. Welcome to the family. we’re sure you’ll like it here.

Features & Benefits

The Dynamo Ink Experience

Decisions, decisions. Imagine having to decide which company will be responsible for bringing your dream into fruition. That can be a scary thought—especially if you’ve never done this before. Here are a few things that separate us from other studios you may be considering.


Awesome & Affordable

Great graphics that won’t break your budget. Investing in your dream doesn’t have to be a financial nightmare.


Local Support

We design it. We build it. We deliver it. Breathe a sigh of relief because all of our operations are in-house—giving you 100% control over your project.


"One-Stop" Shop

No more working with 3 or 4 different shops to get what you need. We got you covered—from business cards to an eCommerce shop with all the perks.


Unlimited Growth

We are constantly refining our services. And, as a client, you’ll have access to everything we have to offer. Sign-on today and receive more benefits than you can find almost anywhere else.

Chad Thompson

CEO & Founder

The Dynamo Ink Company was born from the idea that great designs and visuals shouldn’t be limited to large corporations with six-figure budgets.

We believe that dreams of owning an online t-shirt store or selling delicious red-velvet cupcakes in your own bakery is what makes our communities better.

And what better way to support an entrepreneurs vision than to help them bring it to life.

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