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“Design adds value faster than it adds cost.”

- joel spolsky
why choose dynamo

Design on the edge.

At Dynamo, we believe that artistic boundaries are meant to be pushed. We design with our own unique edge to bring our clients ideas to life. Great design starts with ideas that are pressure-tested, challenged, and refined into visuals—bringing out the best, and often unexpected, results.

Design is what we do. Designing on the edge is what we’re all about.

the studio & the shop

Our Services

We know. We're not your ordinary creative team.
From graphic design to screen printing, our team can create seamless, inspiring visuals for your business. Learn more about what makes us unique.

Great graphics and apparel that won’t break your budget. Investing in your dream doesn’t have to be a financial nightmare.

Web Design

We create websites with smooth user-experiences and a professional polish in mind.

Screen Printing

We design and print retail-ready apparel. We source the best blanks from top brands in the fashion industry.

Video Editing

From slick intros to informational testimonials, we use the power of editing and sound design to push your message even further.

Social Content

Our social packages will level-up your likes, retweets, and social proof help spread your reach to new clients and customers. 

Fine & Digital Art

Need an oil painting or digital sketch for added personalization? We’ve got you covered.

About Us

The Dynamo Ink Company

Born from the belief that a “one-stop” design shop could still have uniqueness and bold ideas, we set out to change the way brands visualize their image.

our work

Recent Projects & Designs

We are proud of what we’ve helped our clients accomplish. Take a quick look at the projects and learn more about the design process involved.

The Dynamo Ink Company Logo Redesign
We were our first client 20 years agao. And 20 years later, we are still using what we've learned to refine our image.
A Village Network: Brand & Site Launch
A Southern California-based non-profit that promotes networking, social engagement, and professional development redesigned their website and visuals in 2019.
Trask Middle School PTA
Spiritwear is the heartbeat of Trask Middle School's fundraising efforts. See how we helped launch a new apparel line and website to help increase traffic and contributions.
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